Tobe's ninjas
Crying ninjas
Biographical information
Gender Male
Resides Sooga Village
Professional information
Occupation Tobe's helpers
Other information
Abilities Ninja skills
Weakness(es) Tobe angry at them, clumsiness
Physical description
Eye color Black
Relatives Each other
Friends Tobe
Series information
First appearance Oasis
Tobe's ninja minions who, more often than not, eliminate themselves by misinterpreting Tobe's commands or by just utterly acting stupid, much to Tobe's annoyance. Tobe's ninjas are almost never unmasked, even if they go to sleep. Tobe's ninjas can also sometimes be too stupid and sometimes they forget the commands that he gives. Though they are mostly useless to him, Tobe still requires their help in his attempts to defeat Garu. Regardless, they are very easy to defeat, usually by Pucca.


They have a black ninja clothes, and have an X in the middle of their head much like Tobe. Sometimes (usually) they are useless and stupid.

Character variations

  • Ninjas Greek
  • Ninjas hippies
  • Ninjas explorers of the Jungle
  • Ninjas in disguise                                                         
  • Ninjas wedding dresses
  • Women Ninjas
  • Ninjas Nurses
  • Ninjas in a white suit
  • Ninjas West


  • Unlike Tobe, they've made their first appearance in the background of original shorts.
  • Despite being immensely stupid in numerous episodes for various reasons, they do seem to have some ability in craftsmanship and engineering. They have been seen making submarines, a mobile shuriken turret based on top of Pucca's scooter, a ride-along snowblower, and a car created specifically to destroy Garu. (Despite destroying the car several seconds later in a crash)