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Tame That Toon
Season 3, Episode 20
Air date July 24, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Sooga Super Squad
Abra Ca Pucca

Ring Ring travels back in time to the past and erases Garu from history.


Ring Ring travels to the past to erase Pucca from history, but, mistakenly erases Garu instead. So Pucca has to travel back in time to fix things. 


Protagonist Characters

Antagonist Character



  • In the past, Ring Ring is similar to Betty Boop.
  • Also, Abyo is based off Popeye and Ching to Olive Oyl.
  • Bruce is dressed like one of the Keystone Kops.
  • Garu and Pucca seem to be Mickey and Minnie Mouse, respectively.