Sooga Super Squad
Season 3, Episode 19, Part 2
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Air date July 17, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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When Master Mel is accidently released, he enacts revenge on his brother Soo and plans to take over Sooga. To stop him, Soo summons Pucca, Garu, Ching, and Abyo to be the Sooga Super Squad.

Sooga Super Squad

Sooga Ranger Red: Alter ego: Pucca. Her uniform is red and white. Her symbol is a heart.

Sooga Ranger Blue: Alter ego: Garu. His uniform is red and blue. His symbol is a blue shuriken.

Sooga Ranger Pink: Alter ego: Abyo. His uniform is pink and white. His symbol is a fist.

Sooga Ranger Yellow: Alter ego: Ching. Her uniform is yellow and white. Her Symbol is a flower. Won is incased in Ching's helmet.


Protagonist Characters

Antagonist Characters



  • Master Mel: is the villain and his use his power to control Sooga
  • One eyed one armed flying siamese Sooga eater: Is the monster that Master Mel summons to defeat the Sooga Super Squad.
  • Mel's Belles: Master Soo's maidens transformed into henchmen by Mel to do wreak havoc on Sooga