Biographical information
Born July 7[1]
Age 10[1]
11 in Slam Bam Birthday Bash
Gender Female
Resides Sooga Village
Professional information
Occupation Goh-Rong Delivery Girl
Affiliation(s) Good
Other information
Weakness(es) Easily distracted by Garu
Becomes depressed when losing Garu's love or when her uncles are arguing
Physical description
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives Dumpling (uncle)
Ho (uncle)
Linguini (uncle)
Friends Ching (Best Friend)
Garu (boyfriend)
Romances Garu (boyfriend)
Clone Garu (formerly)
Casano (One-Sided)
Enemies Ring Ring
Heidi (Swiss Kiss)
Amija (A Scary Woman)
Appearances and voices
First appearance Pucca E-cards
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain (English, Jetix show)
Jeonghwa Yang (Pucca: Love Recipe)
Ikue Ohtani (Japanese)

Pucca (뿌까 Ppukka) is a character created by VOOZ. She has starred in e-cards, web animations, games, a TV show made by Jetix, and a South Korean TV show titled Pucca: Love Recipe

She is a South Korean superhuman girl who is constantly trying to hug or kiss a ninja-in-training named Garu.

Character Bio

Pucca is the niece of Uncle Dumpling, Ho, and Linguini (mentioned in the Jetix show episode Tomb It May Concern and the backs of some Jetix Pucca DVD cases). Pucca lives with her three uncles at the Goh-Rong Restaurant, where she works as a delivery girl. She drives around on her red scooter making deliveries to the people of the town. She usually delivers JaJang Noodles. Pucca also has a pink cat named Yani.

Pucca is also the best friend of Ching.

Pucca is a talented musician, as shown in And the Band Played Rong, Sooga Size Me and other episodes. Out of a desire to protect him, Pucca often intervenes in conflicts when Garu (unwillingly) gives up on such.

Pucca has an alter-ego named "Noodle Girl" that sometimes appears in the series.

Although Pucca is a good combatant, she can be oblivious at times, causing her to learn what is happening the hard way.


Pucca gallery 91-thumb.jpg

Pucca has waist-length black hair (when let down) that is tied in two buns with two red hair ties which gives her an odango hairstyle and visible pink marks on her cheeks that doesn’t show when she grins or is crying. Although she is usually depicted with her eyes closed, she will sometimes opens her eyes in some animations (like in the episodes Dance, Pucca, Dance and The Usual Ching where it shows Pucca with red eyes) and in some official art.

She is mostly seen wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and black pants.

In the Jetix show, Pucca has attracted several boys:

Pucca is seen dressing up as different characters:

  • She maked a parody of Sailor Moon using a magic rod to save Garu from the giant sumo wrestler, sending him into a volcano (Tokyo A Go-Go).
  • Uncle Dumpling, Ho, and Linguini (Pucca's uncles) asked her if she needed one of their costumes for the party, but she showed them what she was sewing, which was a costume of Garu (Dance, Pucca, Dance).


Pucca does not regularly speak in most animated media (most likely to imitate Garu, who took a vow of silence, or she could have selective mutism), in which this aspect of her character extends to Jetix's Pucca show and Pucca: Love Recipe. She often communicates with giggling, angry growling, gasping sounds and occasional short words like "hello", "tada" "yu-huh!" and "wow".

Despite the lack of speaking, Ching has said that Pucca has a lovely singing voice in the episode And The Band Played Rong. In Tokyo A Go-Go, Pucca sings in soprano (the highest female pitch) in the karaoke. She and Garu both sing in Hooray for Bollywood (however, their voices are completely different than the occasional noises that they make).

She is known for being very clingy to Garu and is constantly chasing him, much to his annoyance. She has saved him from dangerous situations. She often covers him with kisses. She isn't good with rejection and tends to get angry when Garu rejects her advances, though she'll never give up on trying to win his heart.

She is very sweet and helpful despite her clinginess, and is even nice to Ring-Ring (unless the latter does something to tick her off). She is well-loved among the townspeople for her kindness.


Pucca is a superhuman.

Although Pucca is seemingly not a student at the Turtle Training Hall (in the Jetix series) like Garu, Abyo, Ching and Ssoso. She has shown ninja abilities that far surpasses theirs where she is stronger and faster than any of them. However, in Pucca: Love Recipe, she is a student of the dojo like the rest of her friends.

Pucca once defeated Tobe with chopsticks (Oasis) and she has the ability to use noodles as deadly weapons, such as whips and lassos (Noodle Girl).

  • Enhanced Durability: Pucca is able to withstand about almost anything in a few episodes:
    • In Little Miss Sooga, she didn't collapse when the first sandbag hits her head and she still remains standing even after Yuni drops more sandbags onto to her.
    • In Oh the Bells!, she remained standing when a boulder fell on top of her head.
    • In A Scary Woman, she wasn't knocked back when Amija threw a couch in her face and she still remained standing even when Amija began to throw various things at her.
  • Enhanced Strength: Pucca is a powerful girl with immense strength that she has been shown to be able to break just about anything and pick up heavy things etc.
    • In Autograph This!, she is able to break a brick and Chang with just one small tap.
    • In Oh the Bells!, she was able to break a boulder that was dropped onto her head.
    • In Sooga Size Me, she picks up a very big pile of garbage and throws it at the fast food restaurant.
    • In Noodle Around the World, she can push a Leaning Tower of Pisa and use her fist as a jackhammer.
    • In several episodes such as Swiss Kiss, she can punch or beat up villains in a single hit.
  • Enhanced Speed: Pucca has a massive amount of speed.
    • During Dance, Pucca, Dance, she is very swift with her hands as she stops a ninja star.
    • In Sooga Size Me, she was fast enough to pick up the garbage from the fast food restaurant.

Weather & Geological

Pucca can use magical abilities when properly motivated, like being able to conjure whirlwinds and earthquakes. In He Loves Me Not, Pucca has been shown to conjure up hurricane-force winds and lightning storms.

Force Field and Weather Manipulation

In "He Loves Me Not", Pucca was surrounded by a protective force field that was strong enough to block Ring Ring's attacks as well as damage her hair. At this moment, Pucca was surrounded by aura swirling around her feet, likely indicating that this is her true power. (She did have a similar force field like ability in A Scary Woman where stuff will hit Pucca, but it has no effect on her.)

While Pucca is normally oblivious to the extent of her own strength, during Ring Ring's attempted marriage to Garu, she can be seen motioning her hands to rip open a vortex in the eye of the storm. Despite the vortex being strong enough to rip the house from it's foundation, Pucca was completely unaffected.

Character Variations

Season 1

  • Puccapatra: In Puccapatra, Pucca bears a stiking resemblance to the famous Cleopatra.
  • Puccahontas
  • Kimono Pucca: During Tokyo A Go-Go, Pucca's friendship group go to Tokyo through a conveyor belt from Japan and Sooga Village. There, she and Ching go and buy kimonos that they both wear for a good duration of the episode. Her kimono is a traditional purple with a red bag, and traditional hairstyle and makeup with a three pink flowery hairclip on top.
  • Sailor Moon Pucca: The second outfit that Pucca switches to in Tokyo A Go-Go. This outfit is a direct reference to Sailor Moon as it's the exact same style with a difference of black hair and a yellow wand.
  • Mermaid Pucca: Mermaid Pucca has a red tail and wears red scales on top. She also has an orange starfish on top of her head with yellow shells as ties for her buns.
  • Toon Pucca: When Ring-ring transports herself to the Toon world, she meets a 30's Minnie Mouse styled Pucca that serves as the uncanny double to the Real life Pucca in their world. Toon Pucca is black and white like all of the toons in that universe.
  • Safari Pucca: Funny Love Eruption
  • Western Pucca: When Pucca and Ching enter another world through a well in Rootin Tootin Ninjas, they encounter a brown haired version of Pucca. Her hair is more curly and she wears a frilly red dress instead. In addition she also wears more makeup as she has lipstick on.
  • Swimsuit Pucca: Similar to her mermaid version, her main pallet is red with the style in a bikini.
  • Dragon Girl Guide Pucca: In Enter the Dragon Girls, she wears Dragon Guide unform with a belt that has the most badges out of all of the total Dragon scouts.
  • Explorer Pucca: Garu of The Jungle
  • Wedding bride Pucca: Scenes From a Marriage
  • Bride of Frankenstein Pucca: Bride of Muji
  • Pucca Anti-virus:: Debuting in Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within, they're green in appearance and are shaped like Pucca's head, and formed after Pucca enters and invades Garu's immune system.
  • Bunny Pucca:: When Ching uses a magic wand, it casts a spell towards her and her friends, inluding Pucca. She resembles a white bunny–except with her her face on it. This appearance was featured in the episode, Abra ca pucca.
  • Fitness Pucca: An outfit that she wears in Sooga Size Me. Its a pink tracksuit with a white headband and pink ties for her hair.
  • "Retro" Pucca: The Ring Ring Touch
  • Cowgirl Pucca: The Ring Ring Touch
  • Model dress Pucca: The Ring Ring Touch
  • Silkworm dress Pucca: Little Miss Sooga
  • Fan Dancer Pucca: Little Miss Sooga
  • Pucca in a Fox Costume: Chicken Spots
  • Ninja Pucca: Cat Scratch Fever



See: Pucca and Garu's relationship

Pucca has a huge but (seemingly) unrequited crush on Garu that she is always chasing him whenever she sees him and she won't leave him alone. She will do anything to be with him and will protect him when he's endangered. However, in the Pucca Web Shorts, they were considered to be in a relationship and he is only more shy to stuff like affection so he sometimes does avoid her and run away from her even if in a relationship.

In Pucca: Love Recipe, Garu shows to be more reciprocative with Pucca's feelings and blushes during the final episode when he thinks about her.


Ching is Pucca's best friend who is usually with her and she is supportive of Pucca's romantic affection towards Garu. Ching shares similar romantic feelings towards Garu's best friend, Abyo.

Uncle Dumpling, Ho and Linguini

The three chefs are Pucca's uncles and mentors. She will help them when she can and she is very respectful towards them. They will also help her with her love life sometimes. They will make comments like "Isn't love funny?" Since her relationship is complicated for the most part and she never will take no for an answer type of mood when it comes to love. But, they support her no matter what.


She can sometimes be annoyed by Abyo's behavior but, their still friends. Sometimes when Abyo shows off Pucca may just throw Abyo to the side. They still both care for each other even if it isn't shown as openly in the series.

An example is when Abyo and Ching saw the fake Garu dating Ring Ring. At that moment they didn't know that Garu was fake, soy Abyo helped Ching covering them so Pucca wouldn't see them and she wouldn't feel bad.


She is enemies with Tobe since he wants to have vengeance on the person she loves. She will fight him no problem. She is way stronger than he is and that makes him scared of her for the most part. When he does something that cause too much damage to Garu then she doesn't hesitate to be involved. Even if she is sweet to most people, she can be violent when it comes to her love.

Ring Ring

Ring Ring is mainly her enemy in the series and she often has fights with her when she harms her friends and those around, particularly when she tries to compete for Garu's attention. (Mostly in Pucca:Love Recipe) Despite this, she harbors no ill will towards Ring Ring. She tries to be nice but, sometimes Pucca has to stop the niceness and teach Ring Ring a lesson. Even if she doesn't learn from it.


  • The name Pucca comes from the last two syllables of a Gyeongsang-dialect sentence that goes like "Shall I kiss you?", which relates to Pucca's desire to kiss Garu whenever she can.


  • In Tobe's Nighttime Troubles, it is shown that Pucca's hair can emit sounds and lights that can communicate to aliens.
  • Uncle Dumpling, Ho and Linguini (Pucca's uncles) are the owners of the Goh-Rong restaurant.
  • Pucca makes different character parodies.
  • Pucca is the strongest character in the series.
  • Pucca can understand Zombies, which was proven in A Better Boyfriend.
  • The only times Pucca's hair is out of her usual style are:
    • Ghost of a Kiss (although it is Samara Morgan (Pucca's ancestor) who looked just like her)
    • She was blasted out of the Goh-Rong restaurant when Ring Ring caterwauls that destroys most of it when her hair ties break off ("Ring Ring's Party Favors")
    • She wears her hair in wavy pigtails as the Goddess of Sports ("Gold Medal Garu")
    • Her hair was flowing from an unusual power ("He Loves Me Not")
    • Her hair is down ("Puccapatra")
  • It is under theory that Pucca was depressed before she met Garu due to a Web Animation and she was always trying to find her happiness.
    • This Web Animation was called [뿌까] 우울증 극복하기, or [Pucca] Overcoming Depression in English. It is not certain if depression was canon or not, only theories have been heard.
  • The only times Pucca showed another interest in somebody else were in the episodes Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas and Romancing the Clone. (Even if it was other versions of Garu but, it does still count as other love interests.)
  • Early translations on the concept of Pucca back from the e-cards, says she was the last daughter, instead of niece. It may be that she was originally supposed to be one of her uncle's daughter as a concept instead of their niece. Jetix is where the niece concept "seemed" to start. However, it seems Vooz went with the niece change for reasons that do seem unknown.
  • Pucca doesn't know much about makeup and how to use it properly, as shown in shorts and Pucca: Love Recipe.
  • Pucca has had the most boys being interested in her in the series:
    • Abyo finds her attractive
    • In The Bride of Muji, Muji asks her (in her Frankenstein's Monster character) to marry her
    • Dada due to her accidentally kissing him
    • In Pucca: Love Recipe, a handsome man named Casano is attracted to her (as seen in Attempt of Casano) and he commented on how "she's the most amazingly cute beautiful woman." (A Scary Woman)
    • Garu is canonically revealed to have a crush on her, but he constantly hides it from being shy and his other variations.
  • In Pucca: Love Recipe, it is revealed that Pucca is a terrible cook as shown in Pucca's Dumpling and Super Banana Donut. However in Channel Goh-Rong, her cooking has improved.



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