Pucca, Abyo and Ching investigate Garu's ninja house.

House of Doom
Season 1, Episode 2C
Air date September 25, 2006
Written by Alain Matz
Storyboard Jocelan Hillton
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"House of Doom" is the third segment of the second episode of the television show Pucca. It first aired September 25, 2006.


Pucca and friends invite themselves over to Garu's home for a picnic in his yard. Abyo inquires about the traps said to fill the ninja dojo. After being disgusted with their tea (as they find Turtle coming out of the thermos) Abyo wants to go find drinks inside Garu's house but Garu doesn't want them to. After distracting the boy with imaginary ninjas, the three sneak inside.

Inside, they find the dojo rather unimpressive until Pucca removes an adorable baby photo of Garu, setting off several traps and causing the trio to fall into Garu’s underground chambers. Garu hears their cries and enters the house to help, while Tobe and his ninjas prepare to attack the dojo. Garu helps the kids survive his traps as they venture deeper into the house but Tobe finds the outer defenses more than he can handle.

They eventually reach the refrigerator to retrieve the

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep2-Pt3-House Of Doom-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep2-Pt3-House Of Doom-0

ninja drinks, but are attacked by a giant motorized cat statue. Garu rescues Pucca from being stomped and she easily destroys the cat, which leads to their ejection from the house. Tobe, having given up on entry, sneaks in through this open panel but is quickly given the boot as well. The Kids recover from their fall back to earth and while Abyo struggles with his soda, Ching and Pucca enjoy their picnic with a still half-buried Garu.