Gold Metal Garu
Season 1, Episode 24B
Air date April 27, 2007
Written by Mug Erskine-Kellie
Storyboard Tim Packford
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Ssosso,who appears to be an old Greek philosopher,is teaching Garu and Abyo.Tobe arrives, saying that philosophy is nothing compared to brute force,then throws grapes on the ground and squishes them in front of Garu,causing him to get wet and angry at Tobe.Ssosso tells them that "are they not civilized men and lovers of yogurt" and to settle their differences on the field in a series of physical challenges.

Garu arrives first.Tobe and his men arrives in a huge wooden horse pulled by the Digital People. Pucca,as a goddess,spots Garu and falls in love with him. Pucca whistles then her cloud arrives. Abyo then announces the arrival of princess Pucca then garu pick her up and asks her for her hand in mariage

While Garu is preparing to throw, Pandora gives her box to Tobe. He then orders his men to give it to Garu as gift. Pucca,disguised as one of Tobe's men gives it back to Tobe who gets attacked by wasps.When Garu threw the put,it hits Tobe and Abyo announces Garu the winner.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep24-Pt2-Gold Medal Garu-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep24-Pt2-Gold Medal Garu-0

Garu is seen warming up,while Tobe is given a bag of fishes,planning to use them to swim the relay for him.Pucca then replaces the fishes with piranhas.Tobe puts the piranhas in his shorts and gets attacked by them in the pool.Garu finishes the race and wins,then Tobe jumps out of the pool with only his skeleton.

While Garu is about to throw,Tobe then calls him to get his attention and look at Medusa. Pucca turns Medusa's head on Tobe,causing him to turn into stone. Pucca sculpts a fountain with Tobe on top.

Before the race,Tobe asks Hermes to deliver him something only to get his winged sandals.He uses them on the hurdle race leaving Garu far behind. Pucca releases two cats, Mio and Yani to attack Tobe's sandals.The sandals then run out of control and Tobe crashes to the ground near the finish line. Garu wins the games.