Garu and Pucca must save the village from an erupting volcano.

Funny Love Eruption
Season 1, Episode 1A
Air date September 18, 2006
Written by Jack Monaco
Storyboard Lyn Hart
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"Funny Love Eruption" is the first segment of the first episode of the Pucca television series and is the Pilot. It first aired September 18, 2006.


In Sooga Village, as the sun sets, the villagers gather to sing of the “Mooncake Mountain Taming Festival” in which they offer mooncakes to the volcano god to guarantee their safety. Inside the Goh-Rong, the chefs work rapidly to prepare enough moon-cakes for the ceremony, shaped into an image of the mountain. As the final ornament, Pucca arrives with the Crystal Moon topper and catches it after it falls from the top. The chiefs explain that she must not play with it as it is vital to the festival, being needed to reflect the moonlight off the moon-cakes and onto the volcano as a sign of peace and respect. If it doesn’t, the volcano will erupt and destroy the village.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep1-Pt1-Funny Love Eruption-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep1-Pt1-Funny Love Eruption-0

They try a second time to top the mountain, but a slip up by Dada destroys the topper. Desperate to find a new topper, Garu is chosen to ascend the mountain up to its temple to attain a replacement before the moon fully rises. Naturally, Pucca tags along and while Garu struggles with dark jungles, sandstorms, and crocodiles, Pucca enjoys romantic photography, sand sculptures, and stolen kisses. Finally, the two reach the mountain (finding they’d taken a much longer route than necessary) and arrive at the temple which in truth is more of a supermarket run by Santa.

Outside, the volcano is becoming more active, spewing fire across the village and inside of the temple. Garu spies the needed replacement, but it is snatched by Pucca, who wants a kiss in exchange. Using Santa as his replacement, Garu attains the Crystal topper and makes it back to the restaurant just in time. Unfortunately, he slips and the topper is again broken. With nothing else to save them, they wait for the volcano’s eruption.

The villagers brace for the eruption, but the volcano gives a rather anti-climactic belch of smoke and the danger is past. Disgusted by such a minor display for all their hard work, they decide to cancel the mooncake festival and instead prepare for their next disaster-avoidance holiday. Meanwhile, Pucca captures Garu in the discarded Mooncake Mountain for a celebratory hero’s kiss.


-Eng Sub- Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep1-Pt1-Funny Love Eruption

-Eng Sub- Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep1-Pt1-Funny Love Eruption


Ching: [singing] We give moon cakes to volcano god.
Abyo: [singing] In return, he doesn't kill us.

Ho: [after Dada breaks the silver moon topper] Oh no!
Linguini: Without the sacred topper -
Dumpling: We're doomed!
Linguini: We gotta get another one!
Ho: From the sacred temple.
Dumpling: High atop the volcano!
Ho: But who is brave enough?
Dumpling: And strong enough?
Linguini: To save the village? [all three men look at Dada, who starts crying]
Dada: Oh, please! Not me! I'm allergic to temples on top of volcanoes!